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The new series from Award-Winner



FALL, 2014

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The verse, from Song of Songs, governs the lives and loves of these four remarkable women. Friendship and a vow of purity light the path for this talented quartet and see them through a meteoric rise to fame as a Christian performance group.

Join them for the journey!

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 Aileen, Siobhan, Kassidy and Maeve—long ago they made a purity pledge to God and a friendship vow to one another. Now this quartet is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime…

All her life, Aileen Brewer has dreamed of singing on stage and winning the heart of Liam Douglas. When she sings, she exudes confidence and charm. Away from the spotlight, she’s the shy, curvaceous woman who has always tried to maintain a sweet, Godly spirit despite her radical upbringing and a sense that she’s not quite good enough.

During a music festival at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Aileen takes the stage with her three best friends and Sisters in Spirit is born. Liam, a Christian record producer, is captivated by the wallflower of his youth who has blossomed into a magnetic performer.

He champions her record deal and a quest for Aileen’s heart, but can she find confidence enough to take command of the group—and accept Liam’s love? Can Liam help her see the beauty of the woman she has become?

Dreams just might come true in ways only God could orchestrate.




Has the dream ended before its begun? Tragedy strikes the Sisters in Spirit, presenting a challenge the likes of which God alone can shape into goodness.

Siobhan Douglas can’t carry a tune—but her expressive, joy-filled dances give Sisters in Spirit its unique presence and a delightful energy that flows straight from her soul. Celebrating a record contract has turned to horror following a car accident that leaves Siobhan broken—physically and emotionally.

Orthopedic surgeon AJ Cooper is driven by the world of healing. He even thought he was fulfilled—until Siobhan. He’s never met a more enchanting and determined patient. He’s never been more tempted to leave behind a career-centered focus…

But Siobhan battles demons the likes of which she’s never encountered before and she’s certainly not going to complicate her life further by falling in love with her doctor. Dancing was her gift. Why would God take it away? Is she not meant to be part of Sisters in Spirit?

Can Coop’s healing hands and ready heart pave the way for Siobhan to recover not just in body, but in spirit as well?




The stage calls, and the Sisters in Spirit are ready to take inspirational music and performance to a whole new level.

Concert promoter Drew Wintower is a diamond in the very rough. He’s a genius at promotion and production, but he’s nobody’s believer. He’s all about tangibles and feeding the public appetite.

Kassidy Cartwright belongs to a Christian performance group that has captured his attention, if not his personal convictions. Once his life and heart intersect with this stunning performer, sparks ignite.

On the surface, Kassidy is strong and faithful. Beneath it all, a longing builds to find the kind of forever love that two of her friends have embraced. She never expects God to answer that prayer in the form of Drew Wintower—his world is completely secular.

When a concert tour brings them together, Kassidy discovers a solid core of goodness and promise in this compelling man. As transformation occurs, can she hold on through Drew’s spiritual growth spurt? Will Drew be able to convince Kassidy that his newfound faith is authentic—not lip service or an attempt to win her heart?




 Join Sisters in Spirit at Lincoln Center!

Maeve Callahan’s world has been rocked. NFL superstar quarterback and childhood friend Josh Andrews is heading up a charity benefit at Lincoln Center. He’s asked Sisters in Spirit to headline the event.

 Josh doesn’t understand Maeve’s polite but unexpectedly reserved behavior at their reunion. They were high school sweethearts, a golden couple who ruled their senior year at Westerville High in New York. He’s eager to reacquaint himself with the beautiful girl he knew and discover who she is in the here and now.

But Maeve is riddled by guilt and shuttered by something she cannot share with even her closest friends—something she knows she must confront with Josh if they have any chance at the love for which she has always dreamed.

A long-held secret is set to explode, a secret that will change Sisters in Spirit forever. Long ago, Maeve made a critical error in judgment and has paid the price ever since. Of the four Sisters, she alone broke the purity vow.

 With Josh.

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Check out the official Sisters in Spirit video for their hit single, Nothing to Hide


Enjoy this video book trailer for the Sisters in Spirit series:

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